Real Estate, Banking & Finance Department

The Firm has extensive knowledge and experience in providing excellent services to clients in a wide range of proprietary transactions. We pride ourselves in giving our clients quality legal advice based on sound due diligence in an area where utmost caution and efficiency are encouraged.

Some of the services we provide in this department include:

  1. General banking and investment structures;
  2. Project Finance, Infrastructure and Construction;
  3. Structuring and perfection of security documentation in favor of lending/finance institutions such as charges, musharakah,debentures, guarantees, indemnities, loan agreements and deeds of assignments;
  4. Debt structuring;
  5. Lending and syndicated lending;
  6. Advisories on securitization and asset-backed securities, project financing and securities review;
  7. Islamic Banking and Finance (Takaful);
  8. Construction law and advisory;
  9. Legal advisory services to real estate developers, investors and purchasers in the acquisition, development, financing, sale and(sub) leasing of real estate, drafting and review agreements for sale, transfers, (sub) leases, novation agreements;
  10. Advisories on Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax and other property-related taxes.