Policy & Legislative Drafting Department

We assist our clients in promoting policy change, contributing to the drafting of legislation, and managing regulatory risk that could affect their businesses.
We regularly assist our clients in analyzing proposed legislation to keep them informed of the potential changes as well as how they may impact their operations.
We have contributed to the development and drafting of a significant number of legislation in Kenya by offering legal advice and support to the policy-making institutions, government departments, legislators, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders to draft legislation in the public finance, energy, public and administrative law, procurement, health and infrastructure sectors.
Our support to clients includes the conduct of unique and quality research and analyses locally, while incorporating international best practices for each specific sector thereby ensuring that our drafting and review of the current or proposed policies and legislation can withstand public scrutiny.
The Department is tasked with carrying out of gap analyses to determine legal lacunae with a view
to improving the existing legislation.
We are regularly consulted by government entities, both at the national and county levels, in respect of the drafting of new laws or subsidiary legislation. Further, we have advised various interest groups on certain (proposed) legislation.